Hiroaki Seo

Originally from Hiroshima, Japan, I have lived and worked in Tokyo as a professional photographer specializing in portrait and snapshot photography since 2007. After graduating from the Japan Institute of Photography and Film with a degree in 2003, I worked and studied in New York for four years before returning to Japan. I am also the director and secretary of the international arts nonprofit, Pacific Kids Mural Foundation.

瀬尾 泰章

1980年広島県生まれ。広島商業高等学校(野球部)を卒業後、日本写真映像専門学校へ。写真学校卒業後、ニューヨークを拠点に自身の写真活動を開始。ニューヨーク州立大学卒。2007年に帰国後『ウラハラ藝大』代表を務め、現在、主に肖像写真、広告写真、企業のドキュメンタリー写真などで幅広く活躍中。株式会社PG COLLABOを経て HIROAKI SEO Photography を設立。Pacific Kids Mural Foundation 理事(Califolnia)


HIROAKI SEO Photography